60 Best Halloween Wishes – Happy Halloween Quotes and Sayings

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The word Halloween literally means the evening before All Hallows Day or All Saint’s Day. Halloween is a celebration on the night of October 31st. The origin of Halloween can be traced to this “ancient pagan festival celebrated by Celtic people over 2,000 years ago,” but more recently we think of Halloween as a night filled with candy, trick-or-treating, pumpkins, ghosts and death. The great festive has to come so we provide you some Halloween Wishes to set up your WhatsApp Wishes.


Top 10 Latest Halloween Sayings and Quotes:

1 – When you buy Halloween candy to hand out as an adult, it’s like you are paying for all the free candy you got when you were a kid.

2 – If I pay $30 for a haunted house I better die.

3 – I’m surprised kids haven’t found a way to trick or treat online yet. Happy Halloween Quotes

4 – My costume worked so well that the people at the bank gave me all their money.

5 – 8 more days and I will finally get rid of last years Halloween candy.

6 – For Halloween, I’m dressing up as a Scooby Doo character and then ripping people’s masks off.

7 – The best part of Halloween is all the Jehovah’s Witnesses wondering why they’re being given candy.

8 – Wait .. I prepare for the party. Not everyone has the luck of being ready as you. Happy Halloween Quotes

9 – Couples Halloween costumes always end up looking like one person went along with it to save the relationship.

10 – I was going to change my profile pic to a pumpkin for Halloween, but it didn’t look that much different from my actual head.

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Spooky Halloween Greetings – Funny Halloween Wishes:

11 – The main thing I learned from watching my wife carve pumpkins is she’s really good at stabbing things. I should probably be nicer to her.

12 – I need to borrow someone’s kid for Halloween. I miss free candy.

13 – I bet when spiders see those fake green cobwebs on Halloween they must be like “Ugh, tourists”.

14 – Okay kids don’t ever talk to strangers or take candy from strangers or go to stranger’s houses except on the day we worship the devil. Happy Halloween Wishes

15 – I’m putting more thought into my Halloween costume than into my job.

16 – Thank you Halloween, all of a sudden, cobwebs in my house are decorations!!!

17 – I don’t know what’s scarier. Houses with Halloween decorations or houses that still have up Christmas decorations from last year.

18 – Another year we will celebrate the day witches do not know why everyone has to pay homage to my mother.

19 – For Halloween, I’m going as an invisible person. I will be at all your parties. Halloween Wishes

20 – I thought about dressing up as Turn Signal for Halloween, but nobody around here knows what that is.

21 – The number one reason why trick or treating is better than sex is, you can do the whole neighborhood.

22 – My love tonight .. I wish you were a devil to come into my hell.

23 – That awkward moment when you can’t tell if it’s a Halloween costume or their regular clothes.

24 – Who needs Halloween decorations when I can just put up my selfies? Happy Halloween Wishes

25 – The night has just arrived and all spirits come from beyond us dancing next to a bonfire.

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Short Happy Halloween Status:

26 – Happy Halloween my little monster. I love you!

27 – When I was a kid I use to change costumes a few times and revisit houses to get more candy.

28 – Acting is like a Halloween mask that you put on. Halloween Wishes

29 – A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.

30 – Happy Halloween! Will you come with me on my broomstick, love? Happy Halloween Wishes

31 – How to save money on Halloween candy, set an empty bowel on the front porch and write a nice note that says please only take one piece of candy, that way everyone can have some.

32 – I found out that you do at a Halloween party in honor of the witches .. we need to get a gift?

33 – Almost time to get me a bag of assorted candy. Last year I got mine from Batman. Superhero my ass. He wasn’t as tall as I expected… and he cried like a little kid.

34 – A piñata is NOT a good idea for a Halloween costume. Happy Halloween Quotes

35 – Happy Halloween… may all of your skeletons stay in the closet where they belong!

36 – Tonight I’ll be your bitch! For you, I’ll do magic!

37 – Give me a moment I must disguise myself. You’re so perfect. Happy Halloween.

38 – I and the pumpkin will discuss how to make people scream in fear on the streets.

39 – If a child asks you a sweet night of witches, tell him you will find many in the cemetery. Happy Halloween Quotes

40 – I’m not saying your house is haunted, but I think a ghost just ate all of your Gummy Bears while you were in the bathroom.

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Winter Captions for Instagram:

41 – Decades have gone by and still, my parents have not given back the Halloween candy they took from me “for safe keeping”.Happy Halloween Quotes

42 – ‘Halloween’.. the one day I get to dress up and embarrass my kids.. legally.

43 – Happy Halloween! Remember: Do not waste time by mask .. just a coiffed and you’re ready!

44 – If a child asks you a sweet night of witches, many say they find in the cemetery.

45 – Halloween is great because kids just show up at your door and hold out bags of candy for you to steal

46 – I think for Halloween I am going to go as Karma. Some of you should be worried. Happy Halloween Wishes

47 – Halloween Drinking Game: Drink every-time an Elsa (from Frozen) visits your house.

48 – I have officially bought the first batch of Halloween candies that will not make it to Halloween.

49 – Tonight we finally leave the house quiet my love no problems! Living Halloween!

50 – This Halloween, the only Candy I’m interested in swings from a pole and has daddy issues. Happy Halloween Quotes

51 – Passed a vampire, a zombie, and a prostitute on the way to work tonight. Not sure which ones were in costume…

52 – Halloween is the holiday of monsters .. then this is your night: Enjoy!

53 – Friend: What are you going to be for Halloween? Me: Drunk!

54 – Why can’t Ghosts have babies? because they have Hollow weenies!

55 – I want to be something really scary for Halloween. So this year, I’m dressing up as a phone battery at 3%.

56 – I need to stop lying to myself … This bag of Reese cups will never make it to Halloween.

57 – Halloween is the perfect time to redistribute those undesired condiment packets of ketchup, mustard, BBQ & soy sauce.

58 – Could I borrow your face for Halloween? I’ll Be Your TrickI’ll be your trick if you’ll be my treat.

59 – The Best thing about Halloween is… you can wear whatever you want. Halloween Quotes

60 – Halloween is my favorite holiday where you can trespass on a stranger’s property and make a non-negotiable demand.

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